Show Highlights

Show Highlights

Thank you to all our customers and manufacturer partners who helped make this year’s Arett Open House a great success!

Once again, the Arett Merchandising team outdid themselves bringing in over 400 exhibitors, 10% that were completely new to our show. 

The overriding sentiment of attendees is that the opportunity to see and touch products, discuss the pros and cons with the manufacturer experts and taking advantage of “extra bonuses” for placing orders at the Show - makes it worth the time spent away from the store.

As always, Arett continues to be the market leader in innovative and trendy items, both in gift and more traditional lawn and garden categories. Pottery continued to be a huge focal point of the show, with exciting and expanded offerings from manufacturers such as Pacific Home and Garden, The Sun Pottery, Jackson Pottery, Chives, Burley Clay, Deroma, and Sunshine Ceramic.

The Arett Open House is the ultimate "one-stop shop." In the course of a single day, our valued customers can be seen placing pottery and gift orders, covering their core business groups such as grass seed, fertilizers, soils, repellents, and organics, addressing holiday needs thru Good Tidings, exploring advertising options with Greensmith, and taking in an informative seminar on business relevant topics.

No one in the industry offers the diversity of an Arett Show and we anxiously look forward to exceeding our customer's expectations in 2019. Until then, be sure to visit our Virtual Open House for more great deals!

Here are some of the highlights from Open House 2018


EVENTS - Great food, Great Fun!

Sunday Night – Boardwalk Stroll Happy Hour

This year’s Sunday night “Boardwalk Stroll” casual setting for Happy Hour was a big hit!

The Kona Pizza Food truck with their Pizza Cones and the delicious sliders were the favorites of foodies while others enjoyed the Specialty Drink demonstrations and tastings by the local Little Water Distillery.

Click here for drink recipes you can try at home!


Monday Night Casino Night

Once again the GEC and Grand Ballrooms of the Tropicana Hotel were filled with Arett Sales’ guests who enjoyed a sumptuous feast with too many desserts to choose from – you had to take “a few.”  The poker tables, roulette wheels and other casino games were enjoyed by all. It was a great way to spend a relaxing night with your peers.

The Muralist

While everyone enjoyed the show, a Philadelphia muralist was painting a mural in the Registration area to depict some of the most appealing characteristics of our industry. She solicited input from the interested passers-by to incorporate into her creation.

Sunday Keynote: Lisa Copeland - Stop Selling. Build a Movement!

Our Sunday Keynote Speaker, Lisa Copeland inspired us to action with her presentation as she taught us Why Building A Movement is THE BEST Marketing. “Anyone can sell products – it’s how you differentiate yourself, express your purpose and connect with customers – that can make all the difference in the world.

Clarity of Purpose We need to decide how to position our companies so they have more staying power, because, “They Buy the Movement NOT the Product” - customer loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people to do business with you and that starts with clarity of purpose.

Next Comes Discipline Work every day on the business. Be intentional. Be accountable. Invest in self-development. All of this is a lot easier to continue to do when you are focused on your purpose.

  • Galvanize: Galvanize your customers
  • Build: Build loyal brand ambassadors
  • Create: Create an experience
  • Showcase: Showcase your expertise
  • Share: Share your story
  • Create: Create a community

Be Consistent and Be Authentic.

Remember your customers only know what you believe by what you do and say. You must be consistent in all you say and do. Authenticity is not a requirement for success, but it is if you want your success to be long-lasting.


  • F- Fearless
  • I - Initiative
  • E - Engage
  • R - Relentless
  • C - Crush Approval Addiction
  • E - Execute!

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Chris Connelly from Aspatuck Gardens

“This year’s Arett Open House seemed busier. I placed more orders and we did more business with some of the higher end manufacturers like P&H (Pacific Home) – more worthwhile for us than other shows where there is not a lot of buying going on.”



Ian Baldwin – “The 5 Most Important Stats to Measure, Monitor and Make Money!”

Ian Baldwin once again drove home the idea that we need to manage our businesses based on DATA! It informs our decisions and guides our purpose.

In his presentation “Tracking and Using the numbers that Matter (Measuring, Monitoring and Actually MAKING Money in Retail)” Ian presents the key numbers you need to track and use to make and retain more profit. People left with an easy recipe for daily, weekly and monthly numbers that make sense (and don’t add another 20 hours to the work week!)

(Kelley, I’m still waiting for his handout – I know I have one somewhere but I don’t see it with the stuff I brought home – if we don’t receive it we can omit this article and put it in our next outlook) (don’t see it in the Show/Ian Baldwin folder -KW)