New Product Winners

New Product Winners

The Arett Open House 2019 New Product Winners represent backyard hobbyists and D-I-Yers of all kinds. Trends included beekeeping and birding as well as the timeless comfort of scented candles and the smell of fresh pine trees. (for a touch of the holiday season any time of year!)

Thank you to all of our vendors who participated in our wildly successful new products display this year!

1st PLACE WINNER – Heath: Beehive Starter Kit (H20 72000)

Did you know that 1/3 of all food consumed in the US is dependent on honeybee pollination?

There’s a lot of BUZZ around the importance of honeybees and the benefits for independent hobbyists (who represent 95% of the USA beekeepers). Make sure you get your BUZZiness off to the right start with this trending, natural, and eco-friendly hobby with the H20 72000 Heath Beehive Starter Kit. The kit contains everything you need to grow a real, healthy honeybee hive. Whether your customers are professional beekeepers, harvesting their own honey, or simply trying to do their part to help the environment, Heath makes it easy to get started.

honeybees in hive

2nd PLACE WINNER – Bedrock Tree Farms: Libby Summer Counter Display (B37 DP110LS295)

An excellent starter promotional display, this line of “delicious” smelling candles can be sold in all-seasons. All Bedrock Candles are made of 100% soy wax with real fir tree needles, fir needle powder, naturally-derived essential oils, and we go a step further and combine these summer botanical scents to create refreshingly unique, fragrant candles! 

3rd PLACE WINNER – Nature’s Way Birds: Hummingbird Mason Jar Feeder (N87 MJF1HB)

An easy-to-fill and clean 4-port hummingbird feeder with a one-of-a-kind look and all the right features for years of enjoyment of watching these fascinating creatures with your family!