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New Biz Highlights

2019 New Biz Highlights

Our New Biz manufacturer partners wowed customers with innovative products and designs, bringing new interest to lawn and garden categories.

Check out the inspiring new vendors below! ↓ 

(Mfr #E24) Eangee Home Design: Lighting & Garden Lighting

Eangee impressed customers with their colorful, decorative, eco-friendly lighting for indoor and outdoor use. Lamps made out of leaves and other natural materials in beautiful colors captured the interest of all attending along with their decorative wall art.

Their product line reflects their Mission Statement which is to provide eco-friendly, fair-trade home goods, focusing on unique designs that are a collaboration of our experience and the creative minds of the artisans with whom they work.

View More: Eangee.com


(Mfr #B101) Blue Sky Designs

Blue Sky Designs displayed unique, hand-painted houseplant planters that would be a great add-on to the succulent and the indoor gardening craze.



(Mfr #F12) Vegherb/Frame It All- Booth #440 & 541

Transformation, the theme of this year’s Arett Show, was in action at the Vegherb/Frame it All booth this year! Vegherb/Frame It All’s booth captured the crowd’s attention with their Monarch Migration Station holding caterpillars as they metamorphosized into butterflies during the show! This interactive booth showcased modular garden beds, butterfly gardens, and greenhouses.

Website: Frameitall.com

“One of the best trade shows around. A lot of dealers and it’s always great to see salespeople around… I felt this was one of the best shows yet for a new vendor.” – Andy Conrad


(Mfr #F24) Apricot Mint

Apricot Mint’s Glass Jellyfish Wind Chimes offered an innovative new twist on an old favorite. They were very much in touch with today’s interesting new trends with their Jellyfish Air Planter Collection.

“The customers’ feedback was great and we wrote a LOT more orders here than any other shows we had been to. Top sellers at the show are Air Plant Jellyfish, LED planters, Rain chains, and Art Glass Terrariums.”
– Apricot Mint Representative


(Mfr #K26) Karma Cure Hemp Products

Karma-Cure products all contain Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil which contains NO THC or CBD and is legal in all 50 states. Hemp Oil contains omega-6 fatty acids (GLA) which act as an anti-inflammatory while keeping skin moisturized and nourished. Hemp Oil is rich in Vitamins A and E and contains trace amounts of important minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus.

Learn More: Here

“Our first show and first experience with Arett exceeded all of our expectations. The show itself was professionally run and each aspect was thought out to benefit not only the buyers, but also the vendors as well. As exhibitors, we felt valued and made meaningful relationships with many of the Arett staff and customers.” – Karma Cure Representative


(Mfr #N09F) National Outdoor Living

National Outdoor Living displayed a new line of trendy and classic Eucalyptus outdoor furniture. Not only is it versatile but also extremely comfortable!


(Mfr #S106) Sanco Industries

Sanco Industries introduced a new line of natural vinegar products for water gardening, cleaning, and weed control at this year’s show.

“The Arett show was a great success! The sales team and our buyer Steve were supportive and interactive. The show was upbeat and sales were great! Glad to do business with them and looking forward to growing sales next year!” – Rachel Owen, Sanco Territory Manager


(Mfr #T102) Trash Can Grow Fertilizers

A new way to feed your plants with composted food waste.

(Mfr #T14) Twine Hemp-Derived CBD

Twine CBD stimulated the most discussion and excitement. Customers were intrigued by the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing. An all-natural approach to ease everyday ailments – it provides anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antibacterial, and analgesic effects. This CBD is C02 extracted from hemp flowers and leaves resulting in the purest form of CBD available. Twine is 100% THC-Free and made with a healthy MCT coconut carrier oil. Twine’s CBD is produced in FDA registered and inspected facilities and is bottled in a food-grade facility.

Check out their Website: Twinecbd.com


(Mfr #W29) Walton Woods Farm

Walton Woods introduced a niche line of personal care products including soap, lotion, and balms. Their eye-catching packaging and clever product names (like their ‘Week From Hell’ hand cream) had customers intrigued from the very start.


(Mfr #W63) Woodlodge

Woodlodge Pottery showcased stunning new designs, colors, and finishes to drive plant-enthusiasts to your garden center!


(Mfr #Y12) YA YA Organics

YA YA Organics introduced a new line of natural and organic Insect Repellents and the increasingly-important line of Tick Repellents.

The show was successful beyond our expectations. We had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of buyers and took dozens of orders! From a logistics standpoint, it all went smoothly – the set up was so easy and the Arett crew seemed to anticipate all our needs. Great job!” – YA YA Organics Representative