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Keynote – Ian Baldwin

Arett Virtual Show Keynote

2020 Takeaways – What Should Be the New Norm in Garden Retailing?

Keynote Speaker: Ian Baldwin

Retail business consultant Ian Baldwin was born in England and has worked in the nursery industry since he was 16, holding a BSc in Horticulture and an MBA from England. He has lived in California since 1986 and is an American citizen.

For over 30 years Ian has consulted for the best L&G companies in North America and Europe on store-planning, merchandising, “retail detail”, team and business leadership and increasingly, financial success. Ian is a trained trainer and facilitator, has been an expert witness, a “Strategic Retreat” leader and a market analyst.

Ian feels that 2020 has been a how-to laboratory for garden retail with some traditional best-practices changing forever, so his presentation will include insights around:

  • Productivity: Doing so much more with so much less - less labor, less hours, less hand-holding, less time on site by customers and so on; innovative thinking has created new ways of doing business.
  • Profitability: How some garden retailers adapted their operations to increase bottom line AND make consumers happy – while others didn’t.
  • Sustainability: Which of the “amazing numbers” this year are a “one-off” and which are sustainable meaning a permanent change in the way you do business?
  • Community: How winning 2020 Garden Centers have recognized changes in consumer behavior and aligned their businesses with them and their local community.

Ian’s statistics and anecdotes are from owners and managers of garden retail stores all across the Arett region through performance metrics and market trends from his “The 5 Numbers Project” https://yourmarketmetrics.com/industry/garden-retailers/. This national database and benchmarking resource was developed last year to help garden centers to become more profitable and productive.

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