Featured Vendors

Featured Vendors at Arett Open House

(Mfr #D28) Dewitt Company
Water Conservation is a hot topic – and all consumers want to contribute where they can. Dewitts’ tree bags, Plant protectors, Weed Barriers, Straw and Sunshield fit the bill!
(Mfr #D71) Dr. Earth
The Dr. Earth booth was rocking with extremely strong interest in big bag soils (1.5 cf.), compost and planting mixes. Sales of the ½ truck and full truck drop ships soils exceeded those of 2018. The Dr. Earth (140 piece) 4 Qt Pot of Gold Potting Soil Floor Bin was the highlight of the off shelf opportunities. Small bag soils in general showed the impact the millennial consumer is having on the indoor soil business. Customers raked in the Margin Enhancers and Show Specials to bring greater profitability to already strong Show Program discounts!
(Mfr #E43) Encap Earth Science™ – Natural & Organic Based Products For Your Home Lawn & Garden
The introduction of Encap®’s new Earth Science™ brand at the Arett Open House was a success! Dealers are excited about the innovative new Earth Science™ products that include:Lawn Food Plus – All the nutrients your lawn needs PLUS healthy organics to feed the soil.1-Step Lawn Thickener – The all-in-one fix for lawns. Contains all-natural grass seed, lawn food and organic soil improvers. New and improved Grass Repair Kit Line – Rebranded along with new, organic based formulas to improve seed establishment.In addition, dealers are enthusiastic about the newly branded Earth Science™ mineral line that includes:Fast Acting Lime® – Naturally raises soil pH and keeps working all season long.Fast Acting Gypsum® – Naturally loosens clay soil to help plants thrive.Fast Acting Sulfur® – Adds essential nutrients to the soil, naturally lowering the soil pHFast Acting Iron® – Deep green lawn, without excessive growth. Non-staining, non-burning formula
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