Exhibitor Listing

Exhibitor List

Vendor NumberVendor NameBooth NumberCategoryPassport to Profits VendorNew Biz VendorNew Vendor
W82Wild Valley Farms1034Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsY
G71Garick Llc1632Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
B37Bedrock Tree Farm1130Garden & GiftYY
B28BioComposites1634Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
B71Bosmere629Garden ToolsYY
B36Bully Tools Inc830Garden ToolsYY
C100Centurion Garden & Outdoor Living1002Outdoor LivingYY
C08Chapin International inc.606ApplicatorsYY
C102Classic Home & Garden1721Outdoor LivingY
D33Diversitech337Outdoor LivingYY
E94Earth Alive Clean Tech1233Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsY
E97EP Henry1623Outdoor LivingY
E89Epoch Solutions1104WateringYY
E93Exotic Pebbles1032WatergardeningYY
F05First Saturday Lime512Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
F06Flexon Industries402WateringY
B43G. W. Schleidt Inc.540Garden & GiftYY
G05Gaia Enterprises832Garden ToolsYY
B83Barbour International302Outdoor LivingYY
G100Grasslands Road528Outdoor LivingYY
G67Grotax739Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
I02Ike's Farm Home and Garden1630ControlsYY
K18Keystone Group936Garden ToolsYY
K50Knox Fertilizer Co1210Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
L32Laguna Pond Products436WatergardeningYY
GGA1Norman Smith Enterprises1337Green GoodsY
O13Outdeco USA1032Outdoor LivingYY
P73Planters Pride731Seed StartingYY
S57Seeds of Change738Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsY
E20Seedsheet1232Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
S101Spiked Soil534Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsYY
S103Sunshine Ceramica232Planters & AccessoriesY
S102Swift Straw1102Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsY
T83Thermacell Repellents Inc300Repellents & TrapsYY
T95Think Outside200Outdoor LivingY
T48Tommyco Kneepads, Inc138Garden ToolsY
T09True Liberty Bags1128Garden ToolsY
W771000 West Inc837Birding
B32Burley Clay Products104Planters & Accessories
C38EBurt's Bees1611Garden & GiftY
C01C & S Products732Birding
W15Carry Home Plastics509Borders & Fabric
C78Carson Home Accents1206Garden & Gift
B69GCat Gloves & Rainwear Co1213WearablesY
A87Ancient Graffiti inc.333Garden & Gift
C08Chapin International inc.606Garden ToolsY
GGVVAngel Flight East91Green Goods
C31Chive Inc800Planters & Accessories
C39Church & Dwight1602Household
S55Claire Sprayway1602Household
C19Classic Brands Topperscot728Birding
GG04Angel Plants1200Green Goods
C38Clorox Home Care1610Household
C58Coast Of Maine Organic Pr205Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
C75Cohasset Gifts & Garden740Garden & Gift
C50Cole & Bright520Outdoor LivingY
M53Coleman Cable Co202Outdoor Living
U25Continental Art Center Inc1235Outdoor Living
C76Corona Cutting Tools602Cutting Tools
C43Crispo Canada Inc1339Watering
W75Critter Ridder900Repellents & Traps
S92Ct Sweet Peet Llc1309Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
C15Curtis Wagner Plastics841Planters & Accessories
C63Cutler Communication Sale1335Applicators
S20Cutter711Repellents & TrapsY
D18D F Omer USA Inc1234Applicators
P70D.P. Industries834Seed Starting
D07Dalen Products1137Borders & Fabric
S99Danner Mfg Company824Water Gardening
W75Deer Off900Repellents & Traps
D68Deer Park Ironworks1717Planters & Accessories
D20Dekorra836Outdoor Living
A12Delta Industries1108Applicators
S20Delta Sprayers711Applicators
D03Deroma Usa inc.327Planters & Accessories
T54Design Toscano Inc336Garden & Gift
D17Devault Enterprises1211Planters & Accessories
D28Dewitt Company724Borders & FabricY
A34Apollo Exports Int508Planters & Accessories
D71FDr. Earth940Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
D71Dr. Earth940Seed Starting
D40Dramm Watering Tools624WateringY
D50Droll Yankees Inc728Birding
D23Duracell Distribuiting In1609Household
D80Dynamic Planters1212Planters & Accessories
D99Dynamic Solutions1616Controls
A05APRG Green - Mole Zapper1104Repellents & Traps
E15Earth Edge1103Wearables
E06Earthway Spreaders833Applicators
E12Easy Gardener Edging1000Borders & Fabric
E10Eaton Burlap506Borders & Fabric
GG97Eaton Farms1224Green Goods
E55Eco Health Inc627Repellents & Traps
E95Ecoclear Products608Repellents & Traps
E76Ecologel1035Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
E07Ecological Laboratories1229Water Gardening
S09EcoScraps324Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
E43Encap Llc1328Repellents & Traps
I12Entryways1203Outdoor Living
E72Enviro Protection Ind co531Repellents & Traps
A01BArett Bank/information700Arett Services
A01CArett Closeout Booth1624Arett Services
E60Espoma620Seed Starting
E60Espoma Co.620Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
E57Esschert Design Usa llc924Garden & Gift
A01KArett Internet Caf‚1625Arett Services
D09EZ Grow Products539Borders & Fabric
E92EZ Nectar1633Birding
F04Farm Innovators835Birding
V60Fertilome1612Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
F03Festival Windchimes707Garden & Gift
A01QArett's Cleaning Program1606Arett Services
F43Fiskars227Cutting Tools
F75Flagzone736Outdoor Living
N15Flexogen Hose231Watering
A76Armaly Brands1602Household
F42Fox Farm614Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
F42Fox Farm614Seed Starting
A25Artech LLC640Planters & Accessories
W48Audubon Birdfeeders1324Birding
GGA2Garden Center Magazine1330Green Goods
G86Garden Gallery334 435Garden & Gift
F18Garden Weasel633Garden Tools
D07Gardeneer by Dalen1137Seed Starting
R11Gardman520Planters & AccessoriesY
R11Gardman520Outdoor LivingY
R11Gardman520Garden & GiftY
R11Gardman520Seed StartingY
A82Austram Inc1100Planters & Accessories
G08Gemmy Industries1300Garden & Gift
G54Geo-global Partners1628Water Gardening
G57Glamos Tomato Cages1338Garden ToolsY
G36Global Vision Eyewear1307Wearables
M96Gonzo735Repellents & Traps
H28Good Earth Horticult Inc1702Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
G48Good Tidings1300Garden & Gift
G99GGood-prod Sales Inc905Garden Tools
G99GGood-prod Sales Inc905Cutting Tools
G38Grass Flip Flops434Wearables
R11World Source Partners520WateringY
G98Green Earth Products inc1110Repellents & Traps
G81Greenview403Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
G12Grosfillex703Planters & Accessories
A95American Gardenworks inc.400Garden Tools
H35H D Hudson Mfg Co404Applicators
H22Harbor Gardens520Planters & AccessoriesY
W75Havahart Traps900Repellents & Traps
H77Headwind Consumer Product1006Garden & Gift
W48Hertiage Birdfeeder1324Birding
V60Hi-Yield1612Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
H68High Caliper Growing inc.226Planters & Accessories
H59Highland Woodcrafters1040Planters & AccessoriesY
H28Hoffman1702Seed Starting
H42Home Bazaar Inc1230Birding
B40Home Care Labs1602Household
H51Hydrofarm Inc1136Seed Starting
I22I Must Garden526Controls
B24Beyond Borders Inc237Outdoor Living
P19J.R. Peters inc.1231Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
J40Jackson Pottery Inc.1700Planters & Accessories
J20Jonathan Green933Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
S66Jrm Chemical Inc639Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
B62Bio Green USA228Seed Starting
E74Kittrich Corporation1601Controls
B33Bio Safe Systems1037Water Gardening
A42Ames Tools1140Cutting Tools
F07Lambert Peat Moss Inc.1614Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
L12Land & Sea313Outdoor Living
W75Lawn Restore900Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
A16Alpine Corporation320Outdoor Living
L25Leg Up Enterprises1205Repellents & Traps
L48Legacy Mfg Co1305Watering
L30Legacy Mfg Co304Watering
L46Lewis Lifetime Tools507Garden Tools
A63LFS Glove524Wearables
L23Lifeguard Aquatics535Watergardening
L54Lightning Nuggets1618Winter
S20Liquid Fence711Repellents & TrapsY
S09Long Island Compost324Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
L80Luster Leaf Prod Inc609Seed Starting
L80Luster Leaf Prod Inc609Garden Tools
G81Lyric Birdfoods403Birding
L07Lyric Birdfoods403Birding
M07Mac Court Ponds835Watergardening
W35Malaysian Pottery808Planters & AccessoriesY
M78Marchioro Usa inc.1331Planters & Accessories
A60Mars Fishcare North America1132Water Gardening
M14Marshall Group Inc97Garden & Gift
M01Massarelli's120Outdoor Living
M19Mayne Inc.140Planters & Accessories
F58Mcguire Industries306Garden Tools
M92Melissa & Doug llc1332Garden & Gift
M35Melnor Ind Inc612Watering
M38Messina Wildlife Mgmt1240Repellents & Traps
M09Michigan Peat Company607Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
M84Milazzo Industries604Winter
M98Millside Industries829Applicators
S70Miracle Gro324Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
M63Monterey Products626Repellents & Traps
M53Moon Rays202Outdoor Living
M75Mosser-lee Soil Covers1133Borders & Fabric
M61Mrs. Meyers1602Household
S20Mulch Lock711ControlsY
M91Murphy's Naturals Inc1615Repellents & Traps
M28Music Of The Spheres1207Garden & Gift
P83Myers Ind. inc L&g Group733Seed Starting
S70Nature's Care324Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
N87Nature's Way Bird Product1038Birding
N17Neptune Harvest630Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
W75ANo No Birdfeeders900Birding
N65Novelty Mfg Co500Planters & Accessories
H12NYP Corporation1701Borders & Fabric
O94Old Truck Organics1620Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
W75AOpus Birdfeeders900Birding
O99Organic Ag Products734Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
O32Organic Control Inc/Orcon535Repellents & Traps
O81Organic Labs537Repellents & Traps
G07Origin Point Brands100Garden ToolsY
C45Ortho & Roundup324Controls
P02Pacific Bird1631Birding
P40Pacific Home & Garden1712Outdoor Living
P31Painted Sky Designs840Outdoor Living
A77Panacea Products1320Garden Tools
P84Pearl Valley Organix1107Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
P29Penn Mulch403Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
W75APerky Pet Birdfeeders900Birding
P04Petoskey Plastic404Household
P07Phoenix Brands1602Household
P46PIC Corporation1608Repellents & Traps
P48Pine Tree Farms1134Birding
P94Pittmoss LLC230Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
P58Plant Revolution Inc1238Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
P11Plant Stand Inc.631Planters & Accessories
C13Plantation Products Llc1033Seed Starting
S20Black Flag711Repellents & TrapsY
P56Plastec Industries804Planters & Accessories
A01PPower Alley1800Arett Services
P28Precision Products Inc.1106Applicators
P82Premier600Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
P12Primitive Planters734Planters & Accessories
P16Pro Trust Products1228Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
P69Procter & Gamble1605Household
R68R.W. Rogers Co Inc1708Store Supplies
R02Radius Garden llc130Garden Tools
R09Real Wood Products1209Outdoor Living
R50Reckitt Benckiser1602Household
R27Regal Art & Gift1024Garden & Gift
S20Repel711Repellents & TrapsY
R28Rescue737Repellents & Traps
R34Rhino Seed & Turf Supply828Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
R88Robert Allen Home & Garden1220Garden & Gift
N15Robert Bosch Tool Corp231Watering
R37Roura Candles USA838Outdoor Living
R04RSR Industries224Garden & Gift
R80Rugg Manufacturing Corp1617Winter
R89Rustic Arrow Metal Art412Garden & Gift
J30S. C. Johnson Co1602Household
W75Safer Products900Controls
B08SBM Life Science Company303Controls
R82Scenic Road Mfg831Garden Tools
S32Scheurich Planters134Planters & Accessories
S20Schultz711Seed StartingY
S09Scotts Company324Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
S09Scotts Company324Controls
B80Bloem llc812Planters & AccessoriesY
L51Bobbex1619Repellents & Traps
W75Senoret900Repellents & Traps
M06Shake Away637Repellents & Traps
S41Shanghai Daisy Llc1236Outdoor Living
D80Southern Patio1212Planters & Accessories
S20Spectrum Brands711ControlsY
B07Bond Mfg Co1010Outdoor Living
S40Spray Nine1602Household
R30St. Gabriel Organics1105Controls
S81Stone Age Creations932Water Gardening
I50Summit Brands1602Household
S79Summit Chemical Co839Repellents & Traps
S97Sun Bulb Company408Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsY
S84Sun Gro Horticulture Dist124Fertilizer, Seed & SoilsY
Y03Sunlight Supply428Seed Starting
B07ABond Stakes&bamboo1010Garden Tools
S65Superior Plastics720Outdoor Living
S64Supermoss Products503Planters & Accessories
G04Surecan inc.1621Applicators
N28Surreal Planters536Planters & Accessories
S96Sustane Natural Fertilize1036Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
Z54Sweet-seed llc1031Birding
B07CBond Tools1010Garden Tools
S98Syndicate Sales1124Planters & Accessories
G50T & T Industries635Garden Tools
T94Tailor Made Products938WearablesY
T18Teknor Apex Hose705Watering
T70Terra Verde906Garden ToolsY
T70Terra Verde906Cutting ToolsY
T70HTerra Verde Home1120Outdoor LivingY
T70Terra Verde Home906Outdoor LIvingY
T70HTerra Verde Home820Outdoor LivingY
T70Terra Verde Home906Planters & AccessoriesY
T70Terra Verde Home906Outdoor LivingY
T70HTerra Verde Home920Outdoor LivingY
T70Terra Verde Splash Watering906WateringY
T70Terra Verde Splash Watering906WateringY
W75Terro900Repellents & Traps
W36Thai Pottery810Planters & Accessories
W42The Cordage Source406Garden Tools
A15The HC Companies inc727Planters & AccessoriesY
W48AThe Hookery1326Birding
U99The Sun Pottery Co.514Planters & AccessoriesY
B70Bonide Products Inc112ControlsY
A42Ames Tools1140Garden Tools
D12Tierra-Derco Int930Store Supplies
T75Timber Bay Home & Garden532Outdoor Living
B68Boss Gloves1112WearablesY
B76Braun Horticulture424Planters & Accessories
T99Trunk Mat Company1703Store Supplies
T34Truper Tools611Garden Tools
T82Tubtrugs llc1336Planters & Accessories
G81Turfmaster Grass Seed403Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
T22United Pet Grp Aquatics709Water Gardening
V14Vegepod LLC440Borders & Fabric
V13Velcro Usa Inc.406Garden Tools
V15Very Cool Stuff634Garden & Gift
W75Victor Traps900Repellents & Traps
V70Viz Glass1004Outdoor Living
V60Voluntary Purchasing Group1612Controls
W31Weber-Stephen Prod Co238Outdoor Living
GG16Weeks Roses1636Green Goods
W28Wet & Forget Inc.304Household
W12Wild Delight126Birding
GG29AMS Retail Solutions1204Green Goods
N70Wilt-Pruf Products Inc1135Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
W48Woodlink Ltd.1324Birding
W75AWoodstream Birdfeeders900Birding
W75Woodstream Corp900Controls
W75AWoodstream Corp900Birding
R11World Source Partners520Planters & AccessoriesY
R11World Source Partners520Garden & GiftY
R11World Source Partners520Outdoor LivingY
R11World Source Partners520BirdingY
G81Lebanon Seaboard Corp403Fertilizer, Seed & Soils
A list of the Arett Open House Exhibitors for 2018