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Monday Keynote

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Are You Leaving Dollars on the Table, Shelf or Pallet?

Speaker: Ian Baldwin

Date: Monday, Sept. 11, 2017
Time:  8:00am – 9:00am  
Place: Atlantic City Convention Center, Fourth Floor, Rooms 411

Light breakfast served in pre-function area of Room 411 starting at 7:15 AM 

Key Points:
Learn how to succeed with your product and your brand. Your customers will be thrilled, proud and come back to do more, spend more. Success creates customer loyalty (and great word of mouth)

More American households (91 million) are involved in gardening than ever before and one in three households participate in “Food Growing”. Doing something in the garden is a big deal, but the total money they spend per household in a year ($486 in the West) is less than two months cable for most of those households.
How can people be so interested in doing and so shy in spending?

Ian will specifically address…

…how to make the most of an interested, educated, time-conscious consumer who does research on-line prior to shopping and then visits your store.

… how to leave a customer feeling more confident and excited knowing that the products they bought were tailored to their needs.

…how the progressive retailers are moving towards “Solution Selling” with tried and true examples of how even small incremental sales of more “tie-ins” can build out the consumer’s basket AND make them happy!

…how to sell the whole “success kit” of hard goods with the plant material!

…how to listen to your customers and find out what they need. Remember: Customers don’t know what they don’t know and fear failure, so they underspend
– learn how to turn this around.

About the Speaker: Retail business consultant Ian Baldwin was born in England and has worked in the nursery industry since he was 16, holding a BSc in Horticulture and an MBA from England. He has lived in California since 1986 and is an American citizen.

For over 30 years Ian has consulted for the best L&G companies in N. America and Europe on store-planning, merchandising, “retail detail”, team and business leadership and increasingly, financial success. Ian is a trained trainer and facilitator, has been an expert witness, a “Strategic Retreat” leader and a market analyst.

Through his national network groups of owners and managers, Ian has access to POS data and trends in the garden retail and hardware channels. For the last six years Ian has been asked by the National Gardening Association to analyze their “National Gardening Survey”, giving him a unique insight into the consumers’ attitudes and shopping behavior in the L&G industry.

Ian is a featured speaker at many L&G meetings. His business management program “The Garden Center University” ( has set the standard for future training in the business of the retail garden business.

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"The Arett Open House was very well done. The aisles were spacious and well laid out. The vendor booths overall were well done with a good mix of new products. The power alley was a big hit" 
– Diane Holmes, Demers Garden Center (Manchester, NH)